Why Should We Teach Kindness in School?


Have you ever felt that eternal sense of satisfaction you get after doing something good for someone you hardly know? The tickling sensation you get when someone appreciates your deed of kindness with a warm hug works like a magic potion for your heart and instantly brings a smile on your face. Well, that is the enigmatic beauty that kindness bestows upon those who cherish it as the ultimate motto of their personality. With kindness comes love, care, and empathy for others including our little animal friends who cannot express feelings like us. A small deed of kindness goes a long way, stays, and brings unmatched happiness to our life in ways we can never imagine. Kids are an epitome of pure love, kindness, and emotions. They are naïve to the complications of adulthood and see things as they exist without giving tags. As childhood is the most important phase of our life where we grow intellectually as well as physically, it is crucial for parents and teachers to enlighten us with the goodness of positive habits. The principles taught to us at a young age get etched in our minds forever and become the pillar of our core personality. 

While kindness remains one of the most prominent characteristic features of a persona, it is important to include it in the child’s routine value system. It is easy to develop good habits in children in comparison to elders. This is because kids imitate and grasp readily whatever they see or experience in their environment.  They love copying their parents, siblings, and teachers. Thus, it becomes the duty of elders to create a healthy environment for kids where they can learn good things. Kindness allows a person to understand the feelings of others and behave in a caring way towards them. When a person is kind, he is able to empathize with others, understand their pain, and share their feelings with an open heart. As kids spend a sufficient amount of their time in school or currently in live classes, teachers should make efforts to inculcate good habits into their behavior by setting an example before them.

In a classroom, teachers should encourage students to behave nicely with peers, school staff members, and elders at home. They should act politely in front of the kids so as to make them understand the importance of kindness. Sharing things, respecting elders, loving friends, etc. are some of the principles that can be taught to the students to help them imbibe kindness in their personality. Here is a list of pointers that highlight why teachers should teach kindness to students, take a look:

Why Preach Kindness?

1. Way to Happiness

Kindness opens the door to happiness for the doer as well as the receiver. Scientific theories have revealed that when we feel good, our body releases a hormone named endorphin. This hormone activates brain areas that are related to pleasure, social interaction, and trust. Interestingly, these feelings are highly contagious. The more you give kindness to others, the more your brain will encourage you to repeat the process. Teachers can include a small discussion in online class or live classes on how they can infuse kindness in their everyday space.

2. Friendly connections

In order to teach children about the importance of kindness, teachers can make them perform various playful group work. This way they can learn the art of consideration and respect for other members of the group. The students can build strong relations with classmates which eventually makes them more social.

3. Free from Tension

The release of endorphin hormone soothes our mental state. When we do good to others, we feel happy and satisfied. This helps to keep our mind free from the everyday stress imposed on us by the challenges life throws at us. Reduced stress means healthy you. The happier we are mentally, the more productive we are in our work field.

4. Improved Self Esteem

Our body works in sync with our mind. When we are happy, our body works extra whereas when we are upset, our body feels lethargic. Kindness soothes our mind, brings a sense of well-being in us, fills our body with energy, and makes us trust our inner self. It makes us feel proud on ourselves when we help others selflessly. Thus, even a small act of kindness brings a magical change in our self-esteem level.

5. Self-Satisfaction

The act of giving requires a lot of courage and selflessness. Kindness gives a person a chance to realize the goodness within that rests within his personality. The giving tendency fills a sense of gratitude in a person’s heart as he learns how privileged they are to cherish a life which others cannot enjoy.

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