Amazing Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds

Health Benefits of Nigella Seeds
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Since we were kids, we’ve heard that kalonji has magical health benefits. Can it really heal everything?

Black cumin, kalonji, black cumin jeera, and black cumin seeds are all other names for Nigella Seeds. Nigella Seeds is an annual flowering plant with the scientific name “Nigella Sativa” and the English name “black cumin.” It grows to a height of 25–40 cm, and each of the fruit’s 3–7 follicles contains many seeds.

People in Western Europe, Africa, and Western Asia have been using it for years to add flavor to food and as a medicine. It is a powerhouse of amino acids, iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, Niacin, and Vitamin C. Keep reading to learn about kalonji’s health benefits, nutrients, uses, and side effects ( Black Seed).

Health Benefits of Kalonji

Prevents Diabetes

The most important thing that Kalonji seeds do is keep people from getting diabetes. Ayurveda says that these seeds keep blood sugar from going up and down quickly. Also, black seeds can stop other symptoms of diabetes, like a lot of thirst, tiredness, and confusion. By taking Kalonji oil, seeds, or supplements on a regular basis, you can lower your blood sugar when you wake up and make your body less sensitive to insulin. Add a quarter spoon of Kalijira oil to a cup of black tea and drink it on an empty stomach to lower your blood sugar.

Cures Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers hurt, and the sores they leave hurt the mucus that lines the stomach. Researchers have found that eating black seeds can lower the risk of stomach ulcers and protect the stomach lining from the bad effects of alcohol. Also, eating black seeds helps your body break down food.

Protects Liver

Kalijira has amazing parts and compounds that protect the liver from being poisoned. Black seeds help keep the liver’s metabolism on track by breaking down nutrients and minerals that are good for your health. When you take Kalonji seeds or oil every day, it makes the liver less toxic. In addition, it protects both the liver and the kidneys.

Reduces Inflammation

Several health problems are caused by long-term inflammation. It gets in the way of how the body works. Thymoquinone, the active ingredient in Kalonji, helps reduce inflammation in the pancreas and other parts of the body. Ayurveda says that to reduce inflammation, you should take Kalijira oil every day.

Lowers Cholesterol

Heart disease is caused by LDL or bad cholesterol. A study from the National Institute of Health showed that using Kalonji oil can lower the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL). Also, black seeds raise HDL, which is good cholesterol.

Anti-Cancerous Properties

Kalijira is the place where antioxidants are stored. Free radicals can cause different kinds of cancer, but these antioxidants help get rid of them. Thymoquinone’s anti-cancer properties kill cancer cells and help treat pancreatic, lung, cervical, and breast cancers.

Defend Bacteria

Black seed powder has antibacterial properties and can fight certain kinds of bacteria effectively. It also works to protect against infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that are resistant to methicillin, which is especially important for diabetics.

Boosts Memory

People who are getting older have trouble remembering things and thinking. Ayurveda says that taking Kalonji oil or seed powder with mint leaves can help improve memory and stop neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Joint Pain

Pain in the joints can be healed by putting black seed powder between the joints. The active chemicals in the seed help the joints of the bones move easily. Mix half a teaspoon of Kalonji oil with half a teaspoon of honey in a cup of vinegar. Apply the mixture to your joints twice a day if you have joint problems like stiffness, swelling, or pain.

Strong Teeth

If you want your teeth and gums to be strong, just chew on a few black seeds every day. If you have swollen gums, gums that bleed, or teeth that fall out before they should, you can take black seeds regularly as a quick fix. On the other hand, you can mix 1/2 teaspoon of Kalijira oil or powder into curd and apply it to your gums to relieve toothache.

Heals Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids also called piles cause acute pain in the rectal region and Kalonji serves as an instant remedy for treating it. Black seeds help you go to the bathroom by making your stool bulkier. This is a natural way to treat constipation. Taking Kalijira seeds powder with black tea on an empty stomach can ease bowel movements. Take the same amount of Kalonji oil and vinegar, warm it up a little, and put it on the painful area. The pain will go away right away.

Soothes Cracked Heels

Most people have cracked heels, which are caused by being overweight, wearing shoes that don’t fit right, and not having enough moisture in the air. Cracked heels can be fixed by rubbing black seed powder or oil on them.

Remedies Menstrual Issues

Premenstrual syndrome affects women before they get their periods. Some women may have severe stomach pain, while others may have trouble with their periods. The black seed oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help with cramps or spasms in the abdomen that can happen during a woman’s period and also make sure the blood flows evenly.

Promotes Fertility in Women

In the past, black seed oil was used to help people get pregnant. Studies have shown that kalonji seeds can help women with PCOS get their ovaries to work and ovulate and increase their fertility.

Boosts Energy

If you eat a spoonful of black seeds powder every day, it can boost your immune system and give you the energy to fight off infections. Kalonji is a natural immune booster. Some studies say that these tiny seeds speed up your metabolism and help you stop being lazy.

Improves Sexual Health in Men

Research has shown that black seed oil is a proven natural way to make men more fertile. This amazing oil helps men’s sexual health by increasing sperm count and quality, improving sperm motility, balancing hormone levels, and increasing semen volume.

Hair and Skin Care

The black seeds have more than 100 different health benefits and are full of organic acids, which are good for your skin and hair. Some research shows that the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects of black seed oil could help with skin problems like acne. The black seed also helps take care of hair because it kills germs and has antioxidants. You can put it in your shampoos and hair masks.

Side Effects of Kalonji

Kalijira doesn’t have any side effects, which makes sense. But if you take a lot of it, it could lead to:

– Low blood sugar levels.

It’s not clear what it does to mothers who are breastfeeding. So, it’s best to stay away from Kalijira if you are breastfeeding. Your blood may not clot as well during or after surgery if you take kalonji.

When Kalijira is put on the skin, it may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Because there isn’t enough clinical data, it’s hard to recommend Kalijira as a standard treatment for a wide range of medical problems.

How to use Kalonji?

Kalijira has versatile applications in food, skincare, and other purposes.

Buy black seed oil or seeds that have been processed. Every day, take one teaspoon of black seed.

– Prior to ingestion, Heat the seeds. Then, grind the seeds into a powder and put it in a container that won’t let air in.

Mix honey and black seed oil.

– Make black seed water.

Blend black seed oil and yogurt together.

– You can put black seeds in food.

Put black seed oil on your skin and massage it in.

– Rub black seed oil onto your chest.

– Use the oil to massage your temples.

Bottom Line

The seeds of the kalonji plant have a wide range of culinary and therapeutic use. Kalonji has long been used to treat a number of diseases and has been linked to a slew of health benefits. However, many of them have only been studied in test tubes or on animals. Although additional research is needed, incorporating kalonji into your diet or taking it as a supplement may benefit numerous areas of your health.