What is JoinPD? To Manage Your Presentations Smoothly

On the JoinPD.com – Peardeck website, enter the code. To join a peer deck session, you need a Peardeck Join Code to log in.
How to Join an Active Presentation on Pear Deck. All About www.JoinPD.com. Pear Deck is a freemium service, which means that teachers and schools can sign up for a paid account or use the free tools and materials.
Learning is a process that never ends. When new things happen or big changes happen in the world, learning and teaching also change. The new technology changed how teaching and learning are done in a big way. It gets better over time and makes it easier to learn. “Pear deck” is one of the ways to teach that we are talking about today. Let’s review it in depth.

What is the JoinPD?

JoinPD is a way to manage presentations. We all know that schools and colleges have presentation work. Also, more and more schools and universities are using it for presentations. It can be used to ask questions and get answers at the same time.
The epidemic has also had a big effect on digital education, which is why people are using this way of teaching in online classes. And this way of teaching is slowly becoming more popular. It also has a lot of advantages over the Pier Deck Presentation System.
This system for giving presentations is made for universities, colleges, schools, and institutes, and you can use it whenever you want. You are the only one who can decide how to use JoinPD. Here, you can ask and answer questions in a better way. You need a Pier Deck account and a code to get to the presentation.

What is Peardeck?

Pear Deck is a freemium service that lets teachers and schools use a variety of free tools and materials or pay for a premium membership.
Peardeck join is a technology that lets teachers and students connect for online classes and watch presentations that are already going on. After logging into this tool, the teacher needs to make a presentation and send the link to the right students.
These are American tools that are well-known and used often. So, we can put this resource in the category of successful student help web portal. It can be found at www.joinpd.com, which is its official website. It looks like a fun and useful tool for students in the stage of developing personally and socially.
Peardeck teaches kids how to learn in a positive way and gives them a sense of community or teaches them how important community is. Don’t worry if you’ve never learned how to use Peardeck and don’t know how it works. In this essay, we will tell you everything we know.

What is Peardeck Used for?

Pear Deck is a tool that helps teachers teach their students in a way that really sticks with them. When trying to explore new topics during physical lessons, the lecturer may run into a lot of ambiguity and problems.
This tool helps the teacher get around problems and gets students interested so they can learn better. As you know, we live in an age when people can learn from afar. Pear deck makes interactive learning possible from a distance.
With its many question-and-answer sessions, it is one of the best ways for teachers to figure out how smart their students are.

How to Create a JoinPD Code?

In the steps that follow, we’ll show you how to make a JoinPD code. So, you must first make a presentation before you can make a code. Once the presentation is made, a five-digit code will be made automatically. You can also say that it will be made. The person who needs to get into the presentation can use the five-digit code. So, let’s first understand this method in a logical order.
  • Visit peardeck.com as a first step. You should definitely make an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Now, click Create Presentation. In the top menu bar, click Add-ons.
  • When the drop-down menu comes up, click on Get Add-ons.
  • Put “pear deck” in the search box and search for it.
  • To set up the pear deck, click on the “Free” button.
  • Click now on Extensions.
  • Pick the bottle with the pear on it, and then open it.
  • Now you need to make a presentation, and there are many saree templates to choose from. You can pick the one you like best.
  • Select “Present with Pear Deck” when you’re done making your presentation.
  • When the button is clicked, a five-digit code will be made. Which you can give to your friends and other people who want to give

How to Create a JoinPD.com Login?

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This article explains how to sign up as a new user on Pear Deck, which is a very simple process. To make interactive presentations for your students, you must first set up a new Pear Deck account.
How to get a Join code and join a Pear Deck session, according to JoinPD.com:
To start, go to the Pear Deck website, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Online and sign in with your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account.
  • Go to peardeck.com and choose the “instructor login” option.
  • Pick the kind of account you want to log in to.
  • Pear Deck will ask you for permission to access your Google Drive or OneDrive. Then, answer a few questions about how to set up your account. We don’t keep track of what choices students make.
  • Click “Authorize” to link Pear Deck to your Google Drive or OneDrive. Before you are asked to give Pear Deck access, you will be asked to enter your email address and password.
  • Give your school and zip code. If you don’t have a US postal code or if your school doesn’t have a drop-down menu, that’s fine. Replace your school’s name or postal code with any five-digit number.
  • Open a Google Slides or PowerPoint online presentation (if you used a Google account) or a PowerPoint online presentation (if you used a Microsoft Office 365 account) and install the Pear Deck extension or extension. Follow the steps below to find out how.

How to Join in JoinPD?

We’ve already talked about How to Generate a JoinPD Code. In this step, we’ll talk about how to join JoinPD. Here are the two ways to join the pear deck together. There are two ways to connect the pear deck:
First is the URL to join, then the code to join.

Joining Link :

To build a new presentation, teachers or students can share the joining URL joinpd.com/code on Google Classroom or other platforms. You must click the link given to join. After clicking on the link, you will be able to go to the presentation or class session.

Joining Code:

To get to the screen presentation, you need a five-digit code. With this code, you can get into the presentation. If you want to join the presentation, go to joinpad.com and type in the following code. After the code is entered, an entry will be made.

How to Install the Peardeck App?

  • Follow the steps below to make sure that every teacher on your Google domain has the Google Pear Deck Extension Slides automatically installed. You can also follow what Google says.
  • Open the Admin Console for Google.
  • Pick Application(s)
  • Use the Google Workspace Marketplace to choose apps.
  • Click on “Add an application to the list of domains.”
  • Look for “Google Slide Extension Decor” in the Google Workspace Market and choose it.
  • Choose Enter domain
  • Follow the full instructions for installing the Domain, and then give Google Slide Extension Deck access to data (learn more about why we need access to your Drive files).
  • Go back to the page for Google Market Manager and reload it. If Pear Deck is shown, installation of the domain is done.
  • The Pear Deck sidebar can now be used by teachers in Google Slides.
  • You just need to open Google Slides and go to Add-ons > Pear Area > Open Add-on Add. Please note that the Pear Deck might not show up in the Google Slides user menu for up to 24 hours.
  • In the G Suite Market section, turn on Pear Deck.
  • To let teachers install the Pear Deck Extension manually instead of automatically, please follow the Google instructions in the Approve or restrict extensions to document editors section, under the heading Allow people from outside your organization to install and use the add-on.

How to JoinPd Using Email/Anonymously?

Click here to sign up for Pear Deck’s online classes by email or without giving your name. If a teacher wants students to join a Pear Deck session without giving their names, the teacher must let the students join using the allowed setting.
So, if a student wants to sign in without being seen, the teacher will have to go into the settings and turn on the option to let the student sign in. Students can now sign up on joinpd.com or by clicking the link without having to enter a code. To sign up for the online course, students will use an avatar and a fake name.
To use email, the instructor must let students use their email accounts to join Pear Deck sessions. After entering the join code at joinpd.com or touching the link for the pear deck class session, students must choose their email account.

How to Login as a Student?

If you are a student and want to know how to sign in to JoinPD, please read the instructions below.
  • Visit https://app.peardeck.com/official and click the Google or Microsoft login button.
  • Next, link your account to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to store files in the cloud.
  • If you want to join the presentation, you can sign up for PearDeck join and then log in to the account.
  • But when you click the Join presentation button, Peardeck will get a code to enter. An instructor will give the student his or her JoinPD code. Each student gets a Gmail and JoinPD code from their teacher.
  • So that students have an easy time getting to the presentation.

How to Create a PearDeck Account as a Teacher?

As was already said, both teachers and students need to make an account. If you are a new peer and want to join JoinPD, please follow these steps:
  • On the homepage of peardeck.com, click the icon that looks like a teacher.
  • Now, choose how you want to log in: Sign in with Google. Sign in with Microsoft. Press Teacher if you’re a teacher making an account, or Student if you’re a student making an account.
  • There are other ways to sign up, like “District Administrator,” “Technology Administrator,” or “Librarian.” Choose the correct answer.
  • If you chose “Teacher,” fill out the form with your postal code and the name of your school, then click “Start.”

JoinPD Peardeck Login for Teacher and Student:

  • Check out the JoinPD.com website. You can do this by going to http://app.peardeck.com/join.
  • Now, the page where you sign in will show up on your screen. Here is where you need to enter your login information.
  • Type in your email address or password, and then click the “Submit” button. On the account dashboard, you can see the login screen.

Peardeck Join

What does a pear deck mean? A teacher can use JoinPD to make a Google Drive presentation and then send it to students through the JoinPD platform.

How does JoinPD Work?

  • Teachers can make presentations and then upload them to JoinPD. The instructor will give the delegate an access code, which he or she will then give to all the other attendees so that they can answer their questions.
  • On the other hand, each student’s activity can be limited and controlled by the teacher.
  • Teachers love JoinPD’s most unique feature, which is that students can’t change their answers once they’ve submitted them. This lets them keep track of how each person is doing.

What are the Characteristics of JoinPD?

As we talk, the pear deck helps teachers improve their students’ learning. It has many features that help teachers in different ways. It is helpful for the teacher to see how well the students understand.

Content Availability: 

On Pear Deck, teachers make presentations and post videos for students to watch. If the teacher wants to give a lecture on a new topic, he will need presentation templates. There is no need to go because the pear deck has a library of ready-made templates that can be used instead. You can see it on the website for the pear deck.

Helping Videos: 

Pear deck helps teachers because it is simple and easy to use. If you know how to use it, you can use it to run any website or app. Pear deck gives teachers a full tutorial on how to use all of its features. Pear Deck has a lot of videos for teachers to learn from. Such as how to make a Pear Deck account, how to design a presentation from scratch, how to add questions to an existing presentation, how to use the slide collection, how to manage students and give them notes, etc.


Pear Deck has a program for both new and experienced teachers to learn how to teach. This seminar is for teachers and people in charge of schools. There are recorded webinars that can help you get started. These meetings are made up of:
  • A summary of the pear deck for Google Slides.
  • Google adds rapid Pear deck
  • online Pear Deck for PowerPoint
  • All of the training provided is available for both beginners and intermediates.

Active Learning:

In every way, Pear Deck helps with active learning. Active learning happens when students do things like talk about what they are learning in class and practice what they have learned. Pear deck has many activities that keep students interested. In traditional learning, students don’t do any activities; they just sit and listen to lectures. Group work grew out of learning in a hands-on way. This type of instruction boosts students’ interest in course material and their performance.

Final Thoughts

JoinPD is the best platform ever for teachers and students to make presentations together or with each other. JoinPD is an American online learning platform that gives both teachers and students a lot of ways to learn.
Pear Deck is a great website for teachers and students alike. This platform helps students learn better and makes their schoolwork more interesting. I hope you learn something from this post.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about JoinPD

What is Pear Deck used for?

Pear Deck is a web-based program that teachers and students can use to make presentations or work on them together. You can also get Pear Deck services through Google Drive.

How to Get Peardeck Class Join Code?

Students can go to joinpd.com to find out how to get to the presentation. Enter the five-character join code that joinpd.com will show you at any time during your session.

Can students use Pear Deck?

In student-paced mode, students can use interactive Pear Deck slides on their own. Create slides. Give the students a deadline for finishing. Students move through the slides and interact with them.

Why is JoinPD the perfect tool for teachers?

Pear Deck is a way for teachers to make their lessons more interesting and useful for their students. When trying to explore new topics during physical lessons, the lecturer may run into a lot of ambiguity and problems.

How Can I Get a Free Pear Deck?

All educators now have access to Pear Deck’s more advanced features. So that they can add Pear Deck to their collection of teaching tools. You can try Peer Deck Premium for free right now.

Is Pear Deck Free for Teachers?

Pear Deck is a freemium service, which means that teachers and schools can sign up for a paid account or use the free tools and materials.

What is Nearpod?

With NearPod, teachers can turn any class or online course into an interactive one. The main idea is simple. A teacher can make interactive presentations that include, among other things, quizzes, polls, films, and collaboration boards.

How many students can join a Pear Deck?

The free account lets you ask basic interactive questions and have an unlimited number of interactive sessions. You can also import up to five presentations for free and have up to thirty people in each session.