5 Tips on How to Drink Water as Per Ayurveda

Photo Credit: Simplemost

The most crucial nutrient is water, which our bodies need at least every several hours throughout the day. It is required by our body to carry out numerous crucial processes, including digestion, controlling body temperature, and delivering nutrients. Your body is trying to notify you that it needs more fluids to function correctly by making you feel thirsty, which is a sign that you are dehydrated.

Even while we still know how much water we should drink each day—eight glasses—we seldom ever pay attention to how we drink it. In actuality, we don’t pay much attention to drinking water. For optimum health, Ayurveda suggests a few dos and don’ts when it comes to drinking water.

Everyone in our modern society is in a rush, and activities are completed quickly to make room for the next one. However, Ayurveda teaches that guzzling water is unhealthy and that it should be sipped instead. When the temperature rises, we are tempted to drink cold water straight from the refrigerator without realizing the effects this will have on our digestion. This must be prevented. Additionally, drinking water early thing in the morning could be quite beneficial to your health.

Dr. Rekha Radhamony, a specialist in ayurveda, shared some guidelines for drinking water on Instagram for the benefit of her fans. 

  • Sitting down to drink water is preferable to standing up because your body will absorb it better.
  • Consume water sip by sip and never drink water in one gulp: You don’t need to drink more than two glasses of water at once to meet your daily need of eight glasses. Water should be drank throughout the day in little sips, according to Ayurveda.
  • Only drink water that is warm or room temperature; never ingest cold water straight from the refrigerator because it stifles your digestive system.
  • To hold water, use clay, copper, or at the very least steel pots.
  • Never drink water from a faucet. Drink stored water at all times.

When should you hydrate?

“30 minutes after or before a meal, drink some water. A Vata who is undernourished should drink water 30 minutes after eating, while a Kapha who is overweight should drink water 30 minutes before eating “Dr. Radhamony adds.

What to add in your warm water?

The Ayurveda specialist says, “At home, the only drinking water I use is water cooked with cumin (jeera) during all seasons, with the exception of summer when I drink water with a few vetiver roots added to it.