iPhone 15 Could be More Expensive than the Current One

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Did you think the price of the iPhone 14 was high? Maybe the iPhone 15 will surprise us even more by being more expensive than what we’ve seen so far. But in a way, the price hikes for Apple products shouldn’t come as a surprise. If we look at how much its best phone has cost since the first one came out in 2007, the price has gone up more than three times, and this trend could keep going.


A recent report from the well-known leaker LeakApplePro said that the starting price of the iPhone 15 would be $1,199. This would be a big jump from the starting price of the iPhone 14, which is $799. This, of course, makes people wonder how cheap the device could be or how much the iPhone 15 Ultra, which would be the most expensive phone in the line, could cost. The leaker pointed out some features, like the ability to record in 8K and a much better battery, along with the USB-C port, that would make the price increase worth it.

For now, this is the only report that says prices will go up, and even though Apple’s production costs are going up, we shouldn’t take this as a sure thing. Last year, people also thought that the price of the iPhone 14 would go up a lot. However, it didn’t go up as much as people thought. The truth is that it might go up a little, which has happened every time a new Apple phone has come out.

A Forbes report says that Apple will raise prices on all models of the iPhone 14 in almost all countries, except China and the United States (although it seems that it will also increase the price in those territories). People say that this is because the cost of making the iPhone 14 has gone up 20% compared to the iPhone 13. This means that the prices that Tim Cook talked about during his presentation will not last long. This could affect how much the next iPhone 15 costs, making it more likely that the price will go up.

Any way you look at it, if you want the next device, now might be a good time to save.

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