Timothée Chalamet is Back with His Hair Style

Timothee Chalamet
Timothee Chalamet. Photo: Twitter

Timothée Chalamet has had a quiet year. Since the Oscars in March, the 26-year-old actor hasn’t been seen much, except a few times in New York City and at the Sziget Festival in Hungary. Now, though, he’s back on the scene and was photographed in Venice at the beginning of the film festival.

Timothée Chalamet, an actor, went to the airport in Venice wearing a printed T-shirt, knee-length shorts, a navy blue jacket, and a pair of black boots. A casual outfit made for traveling, which is different from the clothes we usually see him in. In any case, Timothée Chalamet looked great because of how great his hair was.

The hairstyle that elevates any outfit

Timothée Chalamet’s hairstyle is up there with those worn by the hairdressing gods of the last century, like Mick Jagger, Harry Styles, or Brad Pitt. It is big, frizzy, and messy in the best way possible. enviable.

Timothée Chalamet’s hair looks better than ever when he shows up at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. His hair is a little bit longer and his nape is up. In the front, it is loose and messy, which is almost too much, but he still has the charm and laid-back vibe we associate with the young star.

Since his first hit movie, Call Me by Your Name, came out in 2017, everyone has been wondering how he keeps his hair in such good shape. Timothée Chalamet hair style, which is as shiny and long as we all want, probably didn’t take hours and hours of work.

How to get Timothée Chalamet’s look?

Still, you can get a similar hairstyle by following a few easy steps. If you already have light curls, use Davines Love Curl Shampoo after blow-drying your hair. This will give it more movement and bring out the way your hair follicles are twisted. Follow up with a hair mousse, which will add texture, shine, and the kind of moisture we think Bones and All-Star Timothée Chalamet’s hair has. And finally? Work Davines Medium Hold Flexible Paste through your hair with your fingers for a more natural look. Don’t forget: less is more.

But there’s not much you can do if your hair isn’t curly like Timothée Chalamet’s. The good news is that you can still look forward to his return, since the actor will probably show off his best looks on the red carpet at the Festival of Venice Cinema 2022, even though the next premiere of his movie Bones and All is coming up.