Agatha Coven of Chaos: Everything We Know So Far

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Agatha Coven of Chaos is the name of an upcoming Disney+ project about the character Agatha Harkness, who was played by the amazing Kathryn Hahn, and is a spin-off of WandaVision. This new show will be funny, but not much is known about it yet. Here’s everything we know about it before it comes out.

The show was announced in October 2021, and Kathryn Hahn, who was praised for her work, came back for it ( and may return in future projects ). The return of Jac Schaeffer, the manager of WandaVision, was also confirmed. This suggests that the ideas from the series with Elizabeth Olsen will be built on in this one.

Agatha Coven of Chaos — What will it be about?

For now, we don’t know much about Agatha Coven of Chaos, except that it will take place soon after the events of WandaVision. At the end of the series, Agatha Harkness tries to steal Wanda’s powers, so Wanda casts a spell on her that turns her into a regular citizen of Westview, the town she controlled for a while.

Jac Schaeffer, who is both a producer and a writer, says that the show will be a “black comedy.” It could look at Agatha’s life before she met Wanda as well as her life after WandaVision.

Some news sources say that Aubrey Plaza will play Nicole Scratch, who is her daughter in the comics and also a bad guy for her character. So, maybe we’ll learn more about her family and what she’s looking for in the present Scratch.

Agatha Coven of Chaos Cast 

Kathryn Hahn is back as Agatha Harkness, but we don’t know much else about the other people in this series. Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Ingrid Goes West) and Joe Locke (Heartstopper) will join in November 2022, but their roles haven’t been revealed yet.

Emma Caulfield Ford also comes back as Sarah Proctor, a Westview resident who was also under Wanda Maximoff’s control.

As we said, it’s possible that Aubrey Plaza will play Nicole Scratch, Agatha Harkness’s daughter in the comics, and make her the bad guy in the show.

Elizabeth Olsen’s return as the Scarlet Witch hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s possible she’ll show up.

When is Agatha Coven of Chaos released?

No official date has been set yet, but it is likely to come out in 2023.

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